Finally......After about a year, my regency dress is done! My first dress ever! With [ profile] sadievale and her mother's supervision and sewing assistance. ([ profile] sadievale's mother was very kind to machine sew when needed near the completion of the dress and reticule so it would meet the deadline. However, as her mother reminded me, approximately 95% of the project was completed by me with much it hand-sewn. Not bad for someone with little experience.

I really can see that accessories really allow the costumer to rock the gown. With a a small tiara comb on loan, beautiful tasseled reticule, and four, yes FOUR, gorgeous feathers standing proudly and waving in the air. And yes, I will be starting a new project......another Regency Dress! So, there will be more projects coming soon! Oh no, I feel a new addiction coming on.......

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So, every now and then I have a brilliant idea about costuming. Lately, I have not had the time nor the energy to do some costuming due to work. I have very little energy to drag out and set up the sewing machine. Then, I had a great idea to start hand sewing at least the side seams of my first Regency dress. So, [ profile] sadievale and I decided to get together to sew at her house. I drew lines with a yardstick on the fabric to denote the seam after making sure the panels were pinned correctly. I cannot draw and/or sew a line to save my life. [ profile] sadievale decided to proceed with a new project of creating a beautiful jacket out of silk taffeta. Her skills really are amazing and impressive. By the time I had the side seams repinned, the lines drawn, and had started backstitching the seam, she had her project cut, pinned, And ready to start hand sewing her project as well. She also gave me some thorough and great instruction/feedback as to how to sew a great running stitch instead of a backstitch which is so much more time efficient. It was a great and relaxing time to be able to listen to two great great movies and to finally make some some headway on the dress by hand sewing with a great friend!

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