Lately, I have been every chance I get especially after I get my homework done. I have gone back to college for my B.S.N. !!!!!!!! Will publish photos when projects are done, promise!!!!!!
I passed my ACLS recertification this past weekend. Now, less stress for another two years.
Ok, so I accidentally dropped my phone in the sink yesterday. I have it submerged in a container of white rice. Anything else I can do so it will work?
Went Franchaise Dinner......Fell asleep at 3 AM.....Woke up at 7:00 AM!!!!!!
To all knitting peeps, what is a sure fire way to weave in ends so they won't come out? (My bane of the universe. Those blasted ends!!!!!!!) This project has to be perfect!!!!!

I know I am bad about posting since I signed up for LJ years ago. I felt like I never really had much to post about. Honestly, my sewing mojo had gone out the window. However, yesterday, it started to come back. Trust me I am thankful regarding that. I pulled out the apron from DressU 2012 and decided to work on that. I hate unfinished projects. They just really bother me. I honestly feel that if I started on another project without finishing this one; I would lose my sanity. It will clear my conscience regarding starting a new project. I will try to post pictures later.

Yes, I am alive. Things have been crazy. So much has been going on that I haven't had time to post here. I will post more at first chance.

Just wanted to say hi and looking forward to seeing you guys at DressU!!!!!

I just want to get my prayers out to those affected by the events in Colorado. It breaks my heart. We all should be safe to escape from stress and reality to a fantasy world in a movie theater. My heart breaks for all the victims/survivors. :-(

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Things have been crazy since the last time I have seen/talked to many of you. So here's the Reader's Digest Version.

In December 2011, I received an offer from my employer to transfer to our cardiac stress lab department as a stress lab nurse which I gladly accepted. My position basically places me in full control of the testing procedure and patient safety while testing the patient. I actually really like it.

On the sewing front, I have not done much of it. With [ profile] sadievale and her mom's help, I have a mint green spencer to go with my blue dress. It is very nice.

I have only been to two or three costume events since [ profile] sadievale regency tea. One was a Twelfth Night party with my colonial dance group, a princess party with[ profile] sadievale, and Fort Fred.

Now for my rant........I was taken off one of my medications because I was doing so well, but the trial failed miserably. I went through discontinuation syndrome and was placed back on half of the dose I was originally on. The discontinuation symptoms had not resolved and I was placed on full dose. Now I have side effects from increasing the medication back to the original dose. Time will only tell if and how much it will get better. I guess I am just requesting prayers from you guys if possible. Not sure it will help.

I have to sign off for now. The muscle pains/muscle cramping/muscle stiffness are making hard for me to type. Update later.

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I am right there with you. I can not fit into my 18th century gowns at all?! :(

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I worked Friday so I didn't have to deal with the crowds. Most of my coworkers were off and my doc was oncall. It was a very nice day;)

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Finally......After about a year, my regency dress is done! My first dress ever! With [ profile] sadievale and her mother's supervision and sewing assistance. ([ profile] sadievale's mother was very kind to machine sew when needed near the completion of the dress and reticule so it would meet the deadline. However, as her mother reminded me, approximately 95% of the project was completed by me with much it hand-sewn. Not bad for someone with little experience.

I really can see that accessories really allow the costumer to rock the gown. With a a small tiara comb on loan, beautiful tasseled reticule, and four, yes FOUR, gorgeous feathers standing proudly and waving in the air. And yes, I will be starting a new project......another Regency Dress! So, there will be more projects coming soon! Oh no, I feel a new addiction coming on.......

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Pardon me ladies! I have been remiss upon sharing the latest news involving my history/sewing world. Bring on the tea and conversation!

First things first....Let me back up. In July, a trip to go visit my uncle in Florida unfortunately fell through a couple days before we were supposed to depart. I had taken off a whole week of work and was concerned as to what to do with it. A dangerous suggestion was made to make a day trip to Colonial Williamsburg. Of course how do I wind up making this into a big production of an actual four day vacation? Go online, make a reservation for four consecutive days in one of their splendid Colonial Houses. It was an all girls four day excursion of exploring just the Historic Area.....No outlet shopping for these chicks! We visited a few the buildings, saw the accessories exhibit, took a tavern ghost tour, and took turn around a garden during a herb garden tour. I took insisted we enjoy an exemplary historic interpretation of Thomas Jefferson portrayed by Bill Barker. We did some colonial shopping and tavern dining at Chownings and at Christiana Campbell's, my Mom's favorite. One of the most exciting parts though was having lunch with [ profile] marcine and her mom. [ profile] marcine looked fantastic as always. As usual, The Cheese Ship was amazing. The most humorous situation involved us walking everywhere in murderous heat because we couldn't figure out the shuttle system. Mom and I did get our needed rest though.

On a more recent note, I finally received my Region 2 copy of Northanger Abbey (2007) version as a birthday present to myself. (After seeing this version, I can not, under any circumstance, watch/purchase the 1980's version. Trust me, I tried watching it at[ profile] sadievale's house. I basically started to get a migraine. Since I have a three day weekend, I thought tonight would be a great date night involving Mr. Tilney, sewing, and me. Needless to say, I did finally get the side seams completely sewn and bodice pinned. It is really hard to focus watching the fantastic J.J. Feild. Great day! That man is so sweet and gorgeous to gaze at. And, yes, I did see him in Captain America and dragged [ profile] sadievale to watch it after bribing her with the promise of seeing her beloved Richard Armitage (North & South) on the big screen.

Oh, I must excuse myself so I can eagerly watch this last bit where they kiss. *sigh*

Goodnight Gang!

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I usually only use LiveJournal for costuming or anything regarding history that might be of interest. I also know I have quite negligent in posting some really good entries on a recent trip to Colonial Williamsburg and update on progress of Regency Dress. I will amend that mistake. I only ask for some prayers as I am dealing with some personal issues. Thank You For All The Love And Support!

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Everyone has to read this! I wish I could do this!

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Calling All Costumers!

I have an equation for you guys! What does a few hours of hand sewing + Sense & Sensibility (2008) + Northanger Abbey (2008)=? One night of fabulous viewing of Jane Austen's works and ONE FINISHED SIDE SEAM of my Regency Dress! The only fault in the equation is there was a slight slip of the two panels of side seam, but I can not see it on the skirt. With some encouragement from Mom regarding my OCD tendencies, I think I will leave it the way it is rather that rip the stitches and try to resew that area. Knowing me I will make it worse.....

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Still working on the hand sewing which has been successful despite some snags. I just have one possible stupid question. Does anybody know one could obtain (legally speaking) a copy of Textiles for Regency Clothing 1800-1850: A Workbook of Swatches and Information for a somewhat reasonable price. Is it even in-print? ( I am not sure if it is.) I tried but no such luck. I appreciate any suggestions. Thanks!

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